Health Bar

The hotel's health bar is a great way to open the day with a light, nutritious and healthy breakfast.
At every breakfast, a low-calorie menu includes light breads, fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat cheeses,
sugar-free cakes, rice cakes and more.
The hotel's health bar is temporarily closed

Lobby Restaurant

Between activities, we recommend you refresh yourself in the hotel lobby with hot or cold drinks,
read the newspaper and rest.
The lobby restaurant is the hotel's dairy restaurant.
A selection of salads, sandwiches, toasts, pizzas, ice cream,
homemade cakes and a selection of hot,
cold and alcoholic beverages are served daily.
The lobby restaurant will only open on weekends between the hours 09:00 to 23:00.

Rosemarin restaurant

The hotel’s Rosemarin restaurant serves 3 meals a day:
A delicious Israeli breakfast is served in an abundant buffet, including fresh vegetables, fresh salads,
assorted cheeses, eggs, hot pastries and of course a sweet treat with the first coffee of the morning.
Children will also find their favorite foods: a variety of cereals, chocolate milk and pancakes. Health lovers can enjoy a light,
balanced breakfast in the hotel's health bar.
Lunch and dinner offer a broad meat menu, hot side dishes, special salads and dessert.
During the winter, mid-week dinners alternate between the Gaspacho restaurant (meat) or in the lobby restaurant (dairy).
You should catch up on lunches and dinners in front of the hotel reception.